About Us

Jenloupa is the realisation of my belief in myself.

For too long I did not have the confidence to express myself fully and follow my heart. Now with Jenloupa I am taking hold of my life and doing what I do best – working hard and being creative.

We have developed a loyal and rapidly expanding presence on social media through our members page which has seen our portfolio of sold products rapidly grow. We have been trading since 2014 and have successfully built our brand and reputation. Based in Surrey we are now trading in quality new furniture and home accessories and we are always looking to increase our portfolio of suppliers.

Throughout my life I have always had a creative element to me, and have enjoyed styling my homes as well as working on art projects.

Now, following extensive work and practice, I feel confident in what I do to market myself and share my enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I am constantly searching for new ideas, colours, materials and techniques in order to be able to produce all of the designs that I think of.

For our products, it’s essential that they reflect the passion and thought that goes into them, as well as capturing the imagination of our clients.

I have always liked to stand out as an individual, be it with clothes or my personality – Jenloupa follows this pattern.

Instead of copying trends or the latest “in vogue colour” my designs burst with individuality, thought and style. My creations take time to develop as I hate to rush anything and I pay great attention to detail.

It’s these fine lines that make a huge difference to what we do – everything I create is a reflection of me, and so I always work to the highest standards that I can.

Jenloupa is a true family business as I am supported by my Partner and four wonderful sons, with all our work being carried out at home. I couldn’t do it without them.

We have very strong beliefs in what it takes to deliver a great service as well as knowing what our customers want. We have an extensive background in professional and service environments which has enabled us to develop excellent people skills. We are always looking to evolve and I always have ideas that I want to try, but we make sure to implement these at the right times and do things correctly.